About Us

by Joe Leicht, Staff Writer, St. Louis Post-Dispatch


Dennis & Virginia Brand own the company, which they started in January 1975 shortly after they married. They operate the business out of their home at 1187 Moore Road, Waterloo. Dennis Brand has been a key developer during Waterloo’s 20-year growth boom. Brand’s first development was the Station West condominium complex in 1981 during what he refers to as the 18-percent interest years. He next developed Sterritt’s Run, one of the county’s premier estate subdivisions, in 1983. During the 1990s, D & A Builders established the Bradford commercial and residential area off North Market Street and Marney’s Clearing. Current projects include Remlok and Brellinger. D & A Builders specializes in large-lot residential developments but also has built several commercial facilities in Waterloo, such as the Sylvan Learning Center.

Sylvan Learning CenterProfessional Background

Dennis began work as a carpenter right out of high school then studied civil engineering at the University of Missouri Rolla before returning to “hammering nails again”. Virginia has managed the business affairs of D & A Builders from its conception in 1975.

Civic Involvement

Dennis is a member of the Monroe County Regional Planning Commission’s Comprehensive Plan subcommittee. In addition, Dennis has been on numerous committees for the City of Waterloo and Monroe County, addressing zoning, planning, parks, and greenspace. The Brands are active members of St. Paul, Floraville.